Jun 2 2014 • Web Development

Using EventListeners On Multiple Elements

DOM events and their respective listeners’ are quite possibly one of the greatest built-in features of native JavaScript. There’s an event for practically anything and everything, making

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Apr 23 2014 • Web Design

Animating Images With CSS Keyframes

A few weeks ago, I came across this video by Joe Fellows explaining how to create “parallax” effects on photos using a combination of Photoshop and After Effects. After watching it, it

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Apr 21 2014 • Web Development

Injecting SVG With JavaScript

“Injecting SVG” – it sounds kinda complicated I know, but trust me it’s not. It’s actually super-simple! Right now you’re probably thinking “Why would you use JavaScript to inject SVG markup? What is it? And how does it work?” Let

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Apr 11 2014 • Snippet Tips & Know How

Simple jQuery-Free Snippets with JavaScript

You might have noticed lately there’s this whole thing with front-end developers using “pure” JavaScript (i.e JavaScript), rather than third-party libraries like jQuery. Maybe

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Apr 8 2014 • Typography

Weekly Font Review: Comic Neue

Every week, as part of our on-going weekly posts segment, we post a review-article on an exciting typeface or font for your enjoyment. So whether you’re in search of a new font to use for your next project, or maybe you just want to extend your typographic awareness, our

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Apr 7 2014 • News

Design & Dev Monthly Periodical – April 2014

Each month we be post a brief review-article featuring the very best of what’s been happening in the world of design and development over the course of the previous month. This typically includes

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Apr 6 2014 • News Typography

Font Wars – Return of The Typographer

If you’ve been following the saga on what’s going on at formally known as H & FJ Typography (now Hoefler & Co.) here on Pencil Scoop, you’ll no doubt be familiar with

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Apr 5 2014 • Tips & Know How

Understanding CSS Transitions

The CSS transition: property is actually a shorthand property used to define up to 4 different transition values. In its short-hand syntax, it looks like this: As you can see there are four different properties that can be defined. Each property defines a different property of

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Apr 4 2014 • Snippet Tips & Know How

Vendor Prefixing CSS In JavaScript Functions

If you’re working on a page with JavaScript functions that require vendor prefixing, it can be a bit of pain having to continually repeat yourself writing all your function outputs with

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Apr 2 2014 • Web Development

Understanding CSS 3D-Transforms

3D transforms can be a bit of a mind-boggling concept at first, particularly given that the HTML canvas (your screen) is a 2D space. While most of us understand the most commonly used 3dtransform

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