Apr 11 2014 • Snippet Tips & Know How

Simple jQuery-Free Snippets with JavaScript

You might have noticed lately there’s this whole thing with front-end developers using “pure” JavaScript (i.e JavaScript), rather than third-party libraries like jQuery. Maybe

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Apr 8 2014 • Typography

Weekly Font Review: Comic Neue

Every week, as part of our on-going weekly posts segment, we post a review-article on an exciting typeface or font for your enjoyment. So whether you’re in search of a new font to use for your next project, or maybe you just want to extend your typographic awareness, our

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Apr 7 2014 • News

Design & Dev Monthly Periodical – April 2014

Each month we be post a brief review-article featuring the very best of what’s been happening in the world of design and development over the course of the previous month. This typically includes

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Apr 6 2014 • News Typography

Font Wars – Return of The Typographer

If you’ve been following the saga on what’s going on at formally known as H & FJ Typography (now Hoefler & Co.) here on Pencil Scoop, you’ll no doubt be familiar with

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Apr 5 2014 • Tips & Know How

Understanding CSS Transitions

The CSS transition: property is actually a shorthand property used to define up to 4 different transition values. In its short-hand syntax, it looks like this: As you can see there are four different properties that can be defined. Each property defines a different property of

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Apr 4 2014 • Snippet Tips & Know How

Vendor Prefixing CSS In JavaScript Functions

If you’re working on a page with JavaScript functions that require vendor prefixing, it can be a bit of pain having to continually repeat yourself writing all your function outputs with

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Apr 2 2014 • Web Development

Understanding CSS 3D-Transforms

3D transforms can be a bit of a mind-boggling concept at first, particularly given that the HTML canvas (your screen) is a 2D space. While most of us understand the most commonly used 3dtransform

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Apr 1 2014 • Tips & Know How

A Super-Simple Way To Use SVG

I know, it’s April Fools’ today – a day for the design and development community to take a breather and take a more light-hearted approach to things with a bit of a giggle. Unfortunately, this is not an an April Fools’ gag. Instead, I thought I’d

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Mar 31 2014 • Web Development

Responsive Modal Window Forms

Modal windows are a great solution for keeping users on a single page while at the same time serving them services or content you think they might be interested in. While they can be an excellent solution for advertising and other promotional work (very effective), many users

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Mar 30 2014 • Tips & Know How

Prevent CSS Transitions Running On Page Load

Sometimes If you’re working with a lot CSS transitions on a page, you may notice some transitions run when the page loads. Most of the time this happens when you have transitions set

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