8 Seamless iOS7 Concept Redesigns for Your Inspiration

June 29, 2013 • By Joe Howard • In Design

Think Apple got it all right with iOS 7? Well think again, with the release of iOS 7 beta a few weeks ago, design communities world-wide have been abuzz in heated debate over the new look of the OS. From a purely design perspective the OS has brought some much needed changes to the aesthetics of iOS, but not without heavy criticism.

The visual back-end (GUI) of the new design looks pretty good, particularly the flat-esque new buttons, dials, sliders and on/off toggles. But what is clearly a point of debate are the new icons, with their respective color palettes and gradients, and for good reason too. The home screen, with its respective icons and wallpaper, are the face of the iPhone. From mock-ups to marketing the home screen is probably the single most important software-related visual feature of the iPhone.

If you’re still not sold, then take a look at the Newstand icon, I mean seriously, it looks absolutely ridiculous. I cannot fathom how that icon made it through the apparent heavy scrutiny of Apple’s designers, marketers, developers and engineers without being pulled. My only explanation is that Apple in fact forgot to design the icon and only realized the morning of WWDC 2013, getting the first person they could find to doodle a bunch of ambiguous news representations into an icon.

Anyhow, designers across the world have responded, and not through words, but through actions, by redesigning the home screen in their own visual languages. So we have picked the 8 best iOS 7 concept redesigns to showcase on behalf of all designers worldwide. Enjoy!

iOS 7 Redesign by Dmitry Kovalenko

This is proabably one of the more popular concept redesigns and incrediably was posted just two days after Apple’s WWDC keynote. The work comes from Ukranian based designer Dmitry Kovalenko. Along with the more obvious changes such as the wallpaper and the icons themselves, Dmitry has changed the corner radii of the icons along with adjusting the icon grid to a slightly smaller and more cohesive size.

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ios7 redesign3


iOS 7 Concept Redesign by Ida Swarczewskaja

If you thought the previous redesign was too drastic, then take a look at this work by UK based designer Ida Swarczewskaja. Most of the icons are really similar, even Newstand!3d043f4642fbd4f9933ece75a4a62634 f7c4623fbfcf85d2fc2e25b649052d77 f53e3544e5a9ed885677c72d19fe80eb

iOS 7 Flat Redesign by Blues Design

This flat redesign may not be as polised as others, but still is quite effective. The icons carry a much flatter and larger look, while still maintaining subtle gradients.



iOS 7 Concept by Alex Martinov

Very similar to some of the other concept redesigns, although this work carries a slightly flatter look, while still maintaining interactivity in the icons.



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IOS 7 Concept MCASE by Alexis Jossart

Again, another polished looking set of icons, far better than what Apple have produced.

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iPhone Flat UI Concept

This design was posted before Apple showcased its beta iOS 7 at WWDC, so some of the icons have remained similar to iOS 6. Nonetheless the execution is well crafted.

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Flat iOS 7 Concept Redesign by Jacob Cummings

More experimental than anything, there is no way Apple would produce anything even similar, but again, the redesign opens the mind to possibilities.

iOS Icons on Behance

iOS 7 Redesign by Pascal Assaleh

This redesign comes from Canadian based designer Pascal Assaleh, the color-palette looks a little dull, but the overall execution of the icons make up for it.


What do you think about these concept re-designs? Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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